A Visit to Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

A Visit to Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

A visit to Monte Carlo Casino is a must for all travellers. It is a beautiful building which offers a bar and a lounge area for free, but you will need to pay if you want to enter the gambling rooms.

The prince had entrusted the casino project to French entrepreneur Francois Blanc, who had established a successful casino in Bad Homburg.




The iconic marble-and-gold Monte Carlo Casino is one of Europe’s most lavish examples of Belle Époque architecture. It’s a must-see, though visitors aren’t allowed to gamble (unless they’re members of the salons prives).

In 1863, Francois Blanc opened Monaco’s first casino as a way to generate wealth and pay off debts. His success led to a series of lucrative licensing deals, and he was soon dubbed the ‘Wizard of Monte Carlo’. His huge success also helped to transform Monaco from a tiny tax haven into the glitzy tourist destination it is today.

The opulent gaming house has hosted royalty, international dignitaries, and celebrities. Its breathtaking design has even inspired other casinos and a plethora of music videos, including Kylie Minogue’s 2000 hit “On a Night Like This”. The casino has also been the setting for several films, including the 007 adventures Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye.

Games offered

The Monte Carlo Casino offers a wide selection of games, including French roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker. It also offers a variety of slot machines. Afficionados and newcomers alike are welcome to try their luck in this iconic playground. The casino also has a lounge that features live music and drinks.

The casino is an essential part of Monaco’s culture. Originally established by Prince Charles III of Monaco to generate revenue for his small principality, it is now known worldwide and a popular tourist attraction. Designed by Charles Garnier, the architect behind the Paris Opera House, the casino has become an emblem of luxury and glamour.

Guests are required to present a passport or national identity card in order to gamble. The cost of entry to the gaming room is EUR17, while myMoneteCarlo card holders get free access. It is not possible to bring children to the casino, and there are strict dress codes for men.


Monaco’s famous casino is a must-see for anyone visiting this micronation. Open to visitors from midafternoon, the casino’s marble-columned gambling rooms are a sight to behold and have inspired a music-hall song and movies like Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. You’ll need to pay to enter (guests of certain hotels get free entry), and you’ll want to dress formally—no sneakers allowed.

Luckily, the casino also has two restaurants for your dining pleasure. At Cote Jardin, a Mediterranean restaurant, you can order classics such as Sole Meuniere and Back of Bass ratatouille. The menu is extensive, with many choices for vegetarians and vegans as well. A sommelier is on hand to help with wine selections.

Dress code

The Monte Carlo Casino attracts a diverse crowd from all over the world. It has an extravagant decor and an impressive array of games. Many visitors say that it is a must-see for first-time travelers to Monaco. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the etiquette and dress code before visiting.

The casino expects guests to adhere to a strict dress code. This means no shorts, bermudas, t-shirts or beachwear. It also doesn’t allow flip-flops, sneakers or gym shoes. Men should wear dark jeans and a shirt, while women should wear a skirt or dress.

The casino’s salons ordinaires and salons prives are open to anyone who is properly dressed. The salons super-prives, however, are off limits to anyone other than Gold and Platinum level My Monte-Carlo members 카지노사이트.


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